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Traffic Law 

Traffic Ticket Boss Software presents a robust practice management system, revolutionizing the management of traffic citations and legal cases. It efficiently tracks individuals with traffic citations, outlines fees, and simplifies representation agreements through integrated e-signatures. The system covers the complete case lifecycle, managing documents, court dates, and client communication, offering ease and efficiency. Furthermore, its adaptability extends far beyond traffic law, seamlessly integrating into various legal practices, from Criminal defense to Corporate law, making it a versatile asset for attorneys across diverse specialties. In summary, Traffic Ticket Boss Software stands out with features like electronic signatures for client engagement, comprehensive case management efficiency, and the ability to transcend traffic law to accommodate a wide range of legal specialties. With leads and marketing capabilities that can be described as "on steroids," it is a game-changer for attorneys seeking efficiency and effectiveness in their practice, whether handling traffic violations or complex legal matters across a multitude of legal domains.

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Software Features

Designed exclusively for Traffic Attorneys, but fully applicable for any other legal practice. Search list


E-Signatures Galore. Template Efficiency.

Traffic Ticket Boss Software is a comprehensive practice management system designed to streamline the management of traffic citations and legal cases. It begins by efficiently tracking individuals who have received traffic citations, from speeding tickets to more serious offenses like DUI. The system not only manages these prospects but also outlines associated fees and simplifies the process of sending necessary materials for representation agreements. An integrated web portal allows for the collection of electronic signatures, eliminating the need for costly third-party services like DocuSign.


Versatile Legal Practice Solution.

The system extends its exceptional capabilities beyond traffic law, showcasing remarkable versatility. It effortlessly adapts to an array of legal domains, encompassing Criminal, Family, Personal, Real estate, Corporate, Immigration, Intellectual property, Environmental, Employment, Bankruptcy, Estate planning, Medical malpractice, Maritime law, Tax law, just to name a few. This logical adaptability makes it an indispensable software system for attorneys practicing across diverse specialties and legal areas, ensuring efficiency and effectiveness in the various contexts of your specialty.


Comprehensive Case & Doc Management.

Comprehensive Case Management and Client Support Once a prospect becomes a client, the system continues to impress with its comprehensive case management capabilities. It tracks all case-related materials, including documents, citations, court dates, tasks, and activities. Clients are kept in the loop with email and text notifications regarding case outcomes. A mobile app provides them with easy access to monitor progress and communicate with the firm. The system even handles courtroom details, state-issued case numbers, and can automatically assign attorneys for cases outside their usual jurisdiction.


Leads and Marketing on Steroids.

Key features did not fail to include seamless online lead integration, efficient document creation through template management, a mobile application for convenient case management, automation for coverage attorney management, email integration for client communication and notifications, lead management, online ticket and fee submission, document templates for streamlined communication and fee agreements, client schedule management, integration with online court portals, and fee management within templates. Is a game-changer for attorneys looking to streamline their practices and enhance client engagement.


100% Customizable

Every module can be tailored
to your practice

We build software for singular, distinct or segmented industries. This software does not exist off-the-shelf. The TrafficTicket Boss Software includes those unique laws, flows, nuances, modules, peculiar to a Traffic Law Office tested and vetted by Traffic attorneys. However, all aspects are fully customized to your needs. 

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